All You Need to Know about iStock Video Format

Are you looking for the perfect stock videos for your creative projects? While there are a number of resources in the Internet, you don’t want to deal with the copyright police when the time comes. They will not only go after your money. Your reputation among clients can also be affected. That’s why we always recommend downloading your files from reputable stock media agencies.

iStock is one of the few stock agencies that we are comfortable with. It boasts millions of high quality stock media files in the library. Finding the right iStock video and other media files is not a problem either. You can search by collection or make use of the simple, yet powerful search engine.

iStock video format is available in two types:

  • MOV files are ideal for editing. You can combine them with other elements such as music, graphics and texts. They are also suitable as source files for other formats. If you are dealing with post special effects, progressive footage is the perfect option. MOV files are also perfect for videos that will be displayed on a computer monitor.
  • MP4, on the other hand, are best for smaller multimedia presentations and web-based projects. They are perfect for projects that do not require extensive modifications. This type of files do not scale up so well, so make sure you get the right size for your purpose.

Choosing the right iStock video is important to ensure the quality of your creative projects and presentations. If you are dealing with a lot of editing in the future, we recommend getting the MOV files, so you can do whatever you need to make the project perfect.

What are you waiting for? Find the right stock video in the library and jumpstart your creative project. Choose from the flexible plans, which will surely fit your budget.