Shutterstock Music for Video

Although one of the most important parts of video creation, music is often pushed aside. Many companies do not realize their impact, so they don’t choose music for video wisely. Some rely on the numerous amount of free music in the internet, without considering their implications to the future of their creative projects. Free music usually don’t have the right license that allows users to use them in their works of art.

So, where can you find royalty free music for your future projects? Shutterstock, a known stock site for images and footage, also offer high quality tracks. They have simple and straightforward pricing, so you don’t have to worry about hidden fees and commitment. Here are other things you need to know about the stock agency:

  • Shutterstock Music for video was created in 2014.
  • It has a simple pay per use payment method.
  • No need to subscribe to a plan.
  • Millions of stock music are waiting to be explored.
  • All files are suitable for movies, ads and many more.
  • For bigger projects and music, licenses are available.
  • The stock site has a great UI with powerful search features.

Shutterstock Music for Video License
The most common license that comes with Shutterstock music, as well as other common stock music agencies, is Royalty Free. This type of license allows you to use the tracks multiple times for single projects. Yes, that’s right! You can download a track, pay for a one-time fee and use it as intro to your YouTube channel. If you are planning to release a big budget movie on a global scale, you can get Extended Licenses, too.

Getting awesome music for video is simple and pain-free with Shutterstock. You can browse through millions of tracks in the library and boost the popularity of your videos. Music starts at $49. You can search through categories and soundboxes.

Videoblocks Promo Code: How Does It Work?

Videoblocks is a members-only stock site that offers a one-stop shop for stock video. It gives its members access to an unlimited library and global marketplace. If you are looking for high quality footage without download limits, this is the agency for you.

Videoblocks already offers creative content that everyone can afford. But, that does not stop us from giving you more savings. You can save 84% when you sign up for a one-year subscription from the stock site, but our Videoblocks promo code lets you save as much as 90 percent. That gives you up to $50 worth of savings.

How does a Videoblocks promo code work?

  • Our Videoblocks promo code gives you a whole year of unlimited downloads from the stock site’s high quality library at only $99.
  • You can save a whopping 90% from the regular monthly price.
  • 115,000 studio quality HD videos, motion backgrounds and after effects templates are waiting to be explored.
  • Get access to new content regularly without additional costs.
  • You also have access to the exclusive marketplace and save $30 per download.

Videoblocks promo code is a great deal with multiple benefits. All stock footage you download with the code can be used in any project for as long as you like – as permitted by the licensing terms and conditions. Once you become a member, you can use the videos as many times as you like, without paying for extra royalties.

With our Videoblocks promo code, you can enjoy unlimited downloads from the stock site’s library of 115,000 high quality clips. You can also have access to the exclusive marketplace and purchase a single item at $30 percent off per download. How is that possible? Videoblocks does not take commission from its global contributors. It passes on the savings to you, valued buyers. What are you waiting for? Get your code now!